Sigh, backorders.

Just checked on the status of our uppers. Per Del-Ton, they’re still working on orders from NOVEMBER.

So…those of you who ordered and are waiting on parts, it’ll be awhile. The (rather polite) woman who answered the phone said I can expect 2 months before I’ll see our parts.

ARGLEBARGLE. I hope the weather’s not too bad in May/June…whenever we get them…

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8 Responses to Sigh, backorders.

  1. Mike W. says:

    You’re not the only one. I ordered a 2 inch rail attachment over a month ago and it’s still being “processed.”Good thing I’m in no hurry. I’ve got a light on the P229 so that’s the go-to gun until the AR rail comes.

  2. Laura says:

    I placed my order Jan 31. Whee!

  3. mike's spot says:

    depending on the set up sometimes you can use a single 30mm scope ring as a light mount in a pinch – but if its the rail your lacking, there is no quick fix for that 😦 (at least none I’m aware of that are worth it)while your waiting for the del-ton uppers, start scrounging 223 brass, its getting tougher to lay into with so many more people reloading and fear of surplus brass drying up.I’d say grab some reloading gear, but that is nearly as impossible to find right now are you set for AR mags?

  4. Laura says:

    We’re not interested in reloading…neither of us have the time or patience required.We picked up about a dozen 30-round mags between the two of us at the last show. We intend to go to the next one (possibly with Mike W. again?), and will probably pick up more. We already had maybe a half dozen 10- and 20-round mags.

  5. mike's spot says:

    eh, if you have mags and everything else, I guess you are stuck with the waiting game- that kinda sucks.sorry to hear about the long wait!

  6. Laura says:

    yeah, it’s really annoying. the only things we don’t have are cases, but i think we both plan on waiting until the uppers show up for that.…oh, i don’t have optics, either. i’m shopping for that currently.

  7. Mike W. says:

    I don’t have a rifle case for my AR or my spare upper. Hell, the spare upper is wrapped in a sheet.Mike – I bought one of those small rails that simply attaches to the bottom of standard M4 handguards. Not the best solution but all I’m mounting to it is a TLR1 and I don’t want the expense or added weight of a railed handguard.Laura – If you ever want to shoot my AR let me know. I assume it’s legal to bring my AR into MD if I go directly to Elk Neck?Hell, you can even borrow my upper if you’d like.

  8. mike's spot says:

    hey if its functional- rock on. I’m not big into cases for guns- no place to put them while the gun is in the safe- my gun club is about 2 miles from house- if I walk and cut through a field or two I can cut that down to under a mile and a half.I usually just lay them in the back without issue.

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