Yet another Del-Ton delay.

I called Del-Ton again yesterday. I MAY see the uppers in July. Supposedly they’re working on a day for day basis (they complete one day’s orders from the month they were ordered, and complete them in a day). Right now they’re finishing December and expect to be into January next week.

I swear, if they weren’t so polite and forthcoming with information, I would have canceled my order and taken my business elsewhere.

I understand they were swamped with orders. I understand they’ve had to buy a new, larger shop. I understand they bought a barrel manufacturer to take care of the 20″ barrel shortage (guess what size barrel I ordered for my rifle?). What I DO NOT understand is the lack of communication. I shouldn’t have to hunt them down; I shouldn’t have to call them. They should be sending out mass emails with updates every month (and an opt-out link at the bottom). I know there are those who are far less patient than I am…I’m sure they’re having fits over this crazy amount of delay. I’m absolutely certain they’ve been calling the hell out of the company – when I called yesterday morning, the line was busy and the website was slow. At what point will a company realize “gee, maybe we should be proactive about letting people know what’s going on”?

I mean, I’m patient. I really am. I would just like to see the items I ordered nearly six months ago to show up at my house sometime this year, and I’d like a constantly updated ETA on the site when I log in to see my status. That’s all. I hope this is a simple enough request.

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2 Responses to Yet another Del-Ton delay.

  1. Mike W. says:

    I'm feel for ya Laura. I'm still waiting on a simple $20 part from them ordered almost 5 months ago.

    Of course I'm also waiting on a whole 2 boxes of .45ACP Federal HST's that I ordered almost 4 months back.

    I think pretty much everyone is swamped and just can't keep up. Where else could you take your business that isn't also backordered like crazy?

  2. Laura says:

    it's not the swamped/backordering that i find problematic…it's the lack of proactive communication that annoys me. i spent a lot of money. the least they could do is let me/their other customers know a general update.

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