I’m deliberately avoiding discussions about the current political crap.

Not that I’m supporting what’s going on; I’m unable to articulate exactly what I think.  Blame it on spending too much time out in the yard, prepping for the food I’ll be growing this year.  Got too much on my mind with planning the year’s harvest, no room left for political commentary.

SO, instead of babbling about that, here’s my garden babble.  Right now we’ve got carrots (Danvers and Thumbelina varities) and radishes in, as well as tulips/crocus/other bulb flowers.  My daffodils have popped, the lilies are coming up next, and I added to the roses in the corner of the yard.  I’m going to move a whole mess of stuff outside this week – we have 10 trees from the Arbor Day Foundation as well as a couple of surprise plants for someone (I know he reads this, so I can’t elaborate on them).  It’ll be nice to get the gnats out of the bedroom…

This weekend, I’ll be starting my tomatoes, peppers, and various circubits in containers in the basement under grow lamps.  The first weekend in May is the last frost date, and the rest of my goodies (corn, beans, herbs, leeks, greens) will go in either that week or the following weekend.  We’re also hitting a relatively local topiary garden for their season opener and plant sale.  Hoping to pick up some strange stuff this year, either for planting in the garden or keeping in the house as an ornamental.  I think we might move the “annuals” outside, as well – I managed to overwinter begonias and a few flowers traditionally sold as annual flowers in hanging pots.

While I love winter and snow, this year really killed it for me…I’ve had the planting itch since about day 2 of the Snowpocalypse.  The Facebook game “Farmville” has really been my only outlet, save for the small things I planted or cared for over the winter.  I never expected to fall head-first into gardening as a hobby, but it turned out to be something I love.

What are your plans for spring and early summer?

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2 Responses to Yeahhh…

  1. Mike W. says:

    Growing stuff in the basement with grow lamps?

    Careful, some idiot in the government might think you're growing illegal plants….

  2. Laura says:

    And I have no reason to fear them. If they show up with a warrant I'll happily show them every plant we're growing.

    I wish I had a greenhouse, but they cost way too much money for what I'd want.

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