Okay, now I’ve seen everything.

How is this right?

Seriously, how?

ETA: I’ve since read this was due to a frustrated father removing the boy’s shirt “because the TSA kept trying to pat the kid down, but said kid wasn’t playing. It was out of rage and frustration. The TSA agent put it back on him.” I’m glad for some clarification, despite guaranteeing that child will end up scarred from this. It seems we have no escape from the bullshit, save not flying.

I suppose I’m one of the lucky ones – while I flew regularly before the attacks in New York, I have only flown a handful of times since then. Of those flights, only one encounter with TSA agents left me slightly annoyed…so I was unaware just how bad some of these agents really are. Now that they’re given more liberty to abuse passengers, their true natures are coming to the surface, and it’s appalling. C and I have elected to avoid flying as much as possible, and instead will invest in a camper for vacations. With that, we’ll avoid both the TSA AND bedbugs while spending less in gas and lodging. I call that a win.

Other recent links regarding the TSA:
Rape survivors are having mental breakdowns over the patdown procedure. Next time someone says modesty shouldn’t be an issue in this country, please, smack the shit out of them for me…then make them read that.
Thanks to an agent ignoring this man, he was forced to board a plane covered in his own urine.
Apparently TSA agents resent the enhanced patdown. Aww, poor babies. Maybe if more of them stood up to those enforcing these policies, something would happen. …Not that I’d expect any of them to actually say anything to anyone about it. It’s easier to whine to a reporter than it is to protest within one’s agency.
The ACA wants improved screening procedures. as Breda has said, amputees have had constant issues with the TSA since their inception.
And the very best link of the day? Bruce Schneier, the gentleman who coined the term “security theater,” says TSA Scans “Won’t Catch Anybody”. Imagine that.
If you or someone you know feels they’ve been abused while going through TSA screening, the ACLU has a complaint form here.

Hopefully someone will get a clue and actually do something to avoid the hell they’re putting people through.

……Now if only that weren’t wishful thinking…….

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