Mike tagged me, so here’s my 7 things that maybe only a few of you know about me:

1 – I’m adopted.  I don’t look a thing like my parents, save skin tone and hair color.  I don’t really know a thing about my biological history, and I’ve put off sending in the paperwork for nearly 3 years.  One of these days I’ll swallow that horse pill of fear and send it in.  Maybe.

2 – I’m bisexual.  I try not to be too ridiculous about it, but I’d say I’ve dated or been with almost as many women as I have men.  I hate trying to fit in – straight folks assume I can’t decide, and members of the LG(B)T community assume I’m insane or greedy (or both).  Both groups are generally ridiculous or rude about it, so I just don’t bring it up or discuss it usually…it saves me a lot of headaches.  Sometimes I refer to Chris as my partner, rather than boyfriend, to confuse them.

3 – I was raised Catholic and currently don’t really believe in anything but science.  I haven’t been to Mass in…oh, almost 10 years (save the holiday stuff I couldn’t get out of when I still lived at home).  I can honestly say I feel far better about myself and my life without that Catholic guilt (especially about #2 up there…). 

4 – I have never finished college, to the chagrin of my parents.  I might, one day.  I’d like to, at any rate.  Now if you were to ask me what degree I’d like to have…well, that’s a darned good question.  Ideally something useful and in my field, but I’m getting along swimmingly without it, so the whole affair really is up in the air.

5 – Until an accident that caused me permanent problems in my arm, I was in school to be a massage therapist (the licensed, medical variety rather than the sort you find in seedy shops near the Red Light District).  I thoroughly enjoyed it, too.

6 – I have been to Europe on three separate occasions, but I have never been to Canada.  I hope to remedy this soon.

7 – If I could make a living as a herpetologist, I’d be all over it.  Especially if I could get someone *else* to handle the venomous snakes for me.  I love constrictors and most colubrids, but hots scare the bejeezus out of me.  If I could make a living digging up dinosaurs, that’s right up there on the list of dream jobs, as well.

I’m not so good with picking people for things like this (especially since most folks have already done it or have been tagged), so do it if you want.  🙂

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3 Responses to Tagged!

  1. Mike W. says:

    I didn't know #6. I could've sworn you went to Canada once to meetup with the Corollacustomz guys.

    Too bad you didn't head up with Nate & I a few years back. It was fun even though we did all that driving for one weekend…. in torrential downpours without working wiper blades.

    Good list, and far more serious than mine 😛

  2. Laura says:

    ya, i never made it up norffff. i've talked to Ches* about meeting up with him and the wifey (AND OMG THEY HAS KIDS NOW!!) sometime, when we go visit Chris's Canadian friend. they're in the same province so we'll work something out with meeting up for dinner, i guess. kinda crazy how long it's been since i last saw them – Derrick and i still got along! we were still dating, even…i think?

    aaand yeah, i'm good at taking fun things and making them serious. go me. 😛

  3. Mike W. says:

    Hey, I'm good at taking serious things and making them less serious with corny & inappropriate jokes 😛

    If gunbloggers are anything like car forum dudes I expect gunnies to descend on this post with “OMG, A woman, likes guns, and she's BI?!”

    Let the leg humping begin! lol.

    The thought of Ches as a dad makes me laugh. It sucks that the whole club kinda went tits up.

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