The Big Bang!

So I finally got my new hotness to the range. A matte stainless Charter Arms Bulldog in .44 special. In lieu of another long winded post by me here’s the short and sweet.

1.) It’s AWESOME!
2.) Reasonably priced
3.) Build quality is excellent. Looks as good as any new S&W I’ve seen
4.) It’s accurate. Single action 2″ group at 25ft. double action 4″ (That’s mostly me)
5.) 5 rounds of 44 special weigh almost what the gun does.
6.) Bigger than a J frame smaller than a K frame. About the size of an sp-101
7.) It’s fun. Flash and smoke and bang!
8.) It’s manageable.
9.) It looks intimidating.
10.) See number 1

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