Oh, misogyny…

I know everyone else has had their say, but I’ve gotta add to the dogpile.

Eric Heyl is a misogynistic jackass.  I’m also quite happy to be proving him wrong by merely…existing.  Way to fail, Heyl…way to fail.

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7 Responses to Oh, misogyny…

  1. Laura says:

    dude's gotta be thick in the head if he thinks he's right.

    how much do you want to bet he'll claim he was being sarcastic?

  2. The Foliage says:

    Wow. What a non-constructive article. What a douche. I'm not even a “gun guy” and I could list several significantly more legitimate reasons that women aren't more prevalent at gun shows.

  3. Laura says:

    Seriously. I like Breda's take on it.

  4. Mike W. says:

    how much do you want to bet he'll claim he was being sarcastic?”

    Apparently he's already amended the article to claim it was “satire.” Bullshit. Own your words Mr. Heyl and defend them or shut the fuck up you coward.

    I just had to throw in my 2 cents, which is basically nothing these days with inflation.

    Seriously though, not one of his “reasons” had any intellectual weight behind them nor did he try to expand upon them.

    He probably fears women as much as he fears guns. That explains everything.

  5. Laura says:

    I'm really wishing I'd thought to screencap the content last night, when I read it.

    Ugh, such a jackass.

  6. Chris says:

    Yea, well, it's Pittsburgh. The town that's so bad the people there move here for a better life.

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