Fun At the NRA Convention

Wow Pittsburgh sucks. It’s mostly just the lack of preparedness for over 70k people descending on the city like a swarm of locusts. I think they haven’t prepared for this at all. Traffic routing is terrible. I think the city government needs to read more prepper blogs. At least call the last city and ask them what happened there last year.

The Convention is great! I haven’t sniffed a whiff of con-funk, but I lost count of the safari/tactical vests around 638.

The people have been very nice. Howdy’s and excuse me’s all around. Say what you will about the NRA members, at least we’re polite.

I know it’s early, but I’ll hand it to the booth workers. I haven’t even been kicked out of a single one even after my. incessant questioning like a 5 yr old.

Last night I met many strange and wonderful internet denizens. Although the names fly by so fast I cant remember them all. A good bunch. (psst. they like to drink)

I had 2 hot, famous, blogger chicks in my room last night. How’s you’re convention going?

So far mines a blast. 🙂

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One Response to Fun At the NRA Convention

  1. Mike W. says:

    “I had 2 hot, famous, blogger chicks in my room last night. How's you're convention going?”

    What am I, chopped liver? 😛 I mean hell, Breda says I'm a chick. I guess I'm not hot or famous, eh?

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