"Hipster" hunters?

Chris found two articles that I found interesting.  He’s not yet sure how he feels about it, but I figured I’d share my thoughts.

It seems people are piggybacking on the Paleo diet craze that’s picked up recently, and taking it to a degree I’ve never seen before.  The idea of truly primitive hunting is … well, it’s interesting.  And a bit nuts.  I’m not 100% on board with either idea, but I’m all for getting close to food, admitting food had a face, and acknowledging the origins of what they eat.  People need to take back responsibility for what they eat – that’s how we got ourselves into the GMO crop and abused food animal problem in the first place.  If that movement gets more people hunting?  Awesome.  I’m all for it.
I guess my only real concern is that this will be another fad, and it’ll die off in 6 months to a year…and my only hope is that some folks will get past the fad stage, find they really like it, and stick with it.  I can deal with it if they need justification for hunting – they can claim it’s so they eat healthier, are getting back to their ancestral roots, or whatever.  Hell, dress up in silly clothes, dance around a fire, do whatever the hell they need to do to make themselves feel better about it.

Whatever they do, though, I hope they do these three things: Eat better.  Live better and don’t be a douche about it.  And don’t feel guilty for enjoying it, either...why else would we be alive, if not to enjoy the time we have?

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