Knives for Kids!

Yes CRKT wants to arm your sugar fueled, spastic, hellion with one of their products. I can picture it now. Kids across the country lying in wait. Torn rag bandanna, hanging upside down from the spinning ceiling fan with it in their teeth, just waiting for you to get home. Yelling ARRRG! ARRRG! as they spin around when you walk through the door.

Actually, CRKT has come up with a nifty idea. Nathan’s Knife a joint idea between one of their designers and his son. It’s an oversized, pre-cut, unfinished, soft wood kit you can put together with your child. It has all the internal parts of a locking folding knife and actually works like one. A nice project. Recommended for children 7 and up. Looks to me, to be an interesting idea that would teach basic hand/eye coordination and woodworking while the finished product could be used to teach safe knife handling and care for tools. I’m not sure, but it may also qualify as something that could be taken for show and tell. Although I’m not familiar with constitutes a weapon in school these days. Are they still allowed to have pencils?

Check out Nathan’s video. He did a great job.

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