Confession time: national politics, and why I avoid most conversations.

I’ve never really had an interest in politics.

As a child I remember watching the adults in the family scream at each other about politics, and I never understood why they got so angry.  I never really wanted to understand.  I just wanted to run and hide…I hated the screaming.

I grew up with an aversion to politics and political discussion, and even now I find myself reluctant to self-educate when it comes to the federal government.  I honestly don’t believe that we have any sort of control over who ends up in office…on a national level, anyway.  Why bother, if the guy who ends up in office really is pretty much the same as the guy before him?  This is the same reason I didn’t bother registering to vote until a couple of years ago, and why I’m registered as an Independent.  I don’t agree or disagree fully with either of the major parties, and refuse to pick a “side” when the loudest members of either “side” tend to be single-issue voters.

So I avoid the discussions…and I avoid the namecalling…and I avoid the crap.  It’s exhausting, it’s disheartening, and I’m sick of hearing and reading about it.  I find myself skimming more and more posts because I just don’t have the heart to read about it.  It all sucks, it’s not getting any better, and I think expecting things to improve might be a bit foolhardy.  I really don’t think anything’s going to get better without  revolution…and I don’t know if that would actually make anything better.  I just see the country swirling ’round the bowl, and I wonder when we’ll eventually go down the drain.

I know this post will anger more than a few people out there, and it may make some of you decide to stop reading what Chris and I have to say…and frankly, I don’t care.  Call me whatever you will, but I’m just burnt out on all of it.

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