I think the best birthday gift…

Is time spent with good friends.

Chris and I went to Virginia for the weekend to celebrate my birthday.  Newbius, NFO, Mike V, my old buddy S, and even my dearest friends L and his wife H (who trucked down from PA) hit the NRA museum and range with us.  We did the museum tour, then hit a restaurant for lunch and had a crazygood time while noshing on some pretty good food and having high-larious conversation.  After lunch Mike and Newbius had to skeedaddle, but the rest of us blew through a good bit of ammo at the range.

I learned:
1 – Gold Dot .45 ammo?  Holy Hannah.  I’m definitely not used to it!
2 – HK USP .45 = Heavy…and thick. Not my bag, but it shoots nice…it’s just danged big for me.
3 – I am entirely too likely to drop the muzzle in anticipation of recoil when shooting .45, but I don’t do so at all when I switch back to .380.  I really need to get some snap caps to practice more, I think…
4 – I need to lose weight so my holster fits better.  More on the holster later this week…Michael, we’ve got another winner!

Today we went to the newer Air & Space Museum…and it’s well worth the $15 parking price.  Seriously.  Saw the Space Shuttle, the SR71, and a whole mess of other cool stuff.  If you’re in the DC area, GO THERE.

Also, we stayed at the Springhill Suites Fairfax, and I can honestly say it’s in my top 5 list of non-resort hotels.  If you find yourself needing a hotel somewhere near DC, GO THERE.  The room is EXCELLENT, the bed is comfortable, the staff is pleasant and helpful, and the breakfast is pretty good.  Oh, they’ll have a flyer for a local pizza joint in the room…definitely order from there if you’ve got a hankering.  It’s one fo the better delivery pizzas I’ve had in awhile.

All in all, this was a really nice weekend and I’m glad we decided to stay down there.  I’m also very thankful those who could make it out did.  I love you guys, and I’m glad I got to meet/talk with Mike. 

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