What happened to customer service?

I started looking at some polymer 9mm pistols and one of the pistols I was interested in was the Walther P99. I checked out Walther USA’s website and there wasn’t much information on different models or accessories. You see I’m a lefty and although I have seen and fired Walther p99 pistols with right side slide locks and safeties I did not see any reference to them on the website or in the product catalog. For those of you that don’t know Smith & Wesson distributes Walther pistols in the US. The pistols are still made in Germany they’re just imported and sold through S&W. I did find exactly what I wanted on the Walther Germany website and so after checking various boards and sites on the web with no luck on model numbers I decided to email customer service an ask. I sent

After looking at the website and current catalog I am still having difficulty finding the correct model of one of your handguns. I am interested in the Walther P99 AS 9mm shown here

I have heard of, and seen pictures of this handgun with an extended, right side, ambidextrous slide stop and long magazine release for lefties but I cannot locate the model on the website or the catalog. I do see the model listed on the German Walther site here:


It shows additional codes for various features

PS = steel sights with phosphor 3-dot
AM = elongated ambidextrous slide stop
LM = long magazine release

Is a pistol so equipped available, and if so what would the model number be that I would tell my gun shop to order?


After about a week I received this reply.
the models you saw are only available in Europe and are not available in the states. Thank You

While it directly answers my question, he doesn’t go any further at all. Not, but we have this model, or this kit is available for it, or anything. Just NOPE, sorry. I do believe Walther has a pretty recently released similar pistol that even has ambidextrous controls on it. I don’t think that’s asking too much to expand on an answer or make an alternative suggestion. I guess this might be a partial explanation why you don’t see a lot of Walther sales. It even makes me wary of buying a S&W now.

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