I hate living on the east coast.

I’m supposed to be driving to New Jersey for a friend’s wedding reception right now, but instead Irene decided to rain on my parade. The winds aren’t what’s keeping me home…it’s the fear of getting lost and stranded somewhere in NJ, and I’m really not down for that.

So I’m home, and being home allowed me to help get the house ready for the Smackening (and potential crazy power outages to follow).

I got gas on Thursday, and was absolutely amazed at the amount of people at Costco. The place was so packed they were spilling over into other parking lots just to park their cars. I heard they still had water as of yesterday morning, but I’m sure their shelves are now bare. The milk, eggs, bread, and TP are surely gone, as well. People have to make their TP casseroles, you know.

It made me wonder…just how few people actually know how to handle extreme weather in this stupid state? I’m somewhat used to the panic from a potential snowfall, but we really don’t deal with hurricanes all that often so the idiots are even more frenzied than they would be in the winter.

Anyway. Those of you in the path of this thing, stay safe.

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