So, we survived.

As everyone else is saying, this hurricane wasn’t as bad as we were expecting. Chris and I were pretty much prepared for whatever it could toss our way, but we were really hoping we didn’t lose power. Sadly, we did, and we’ve hit Hour 32 of no ‘lectric to the house.

The worst part, though, isn’t that we lost power. It’s that my block is the only block in the neighborhood to lose power, and it’s all because the city sucks horribly when it comes to maintaining trees in the easement behind us. Last year, after over 10 years of letters and phone calls from Chris and other neighbors, they finally came out to trim the trees. They left a limb hanging on the lines, and we’re pretty sure that played a part in killing power to the block. I’m told there are tree people in the neighborhood (currently lounging on the side of their truck, if twitter photos are any indication), so hopefully power will be restored sometime today.

My fish will be happy. So will I – I have lots of baking to do.

DISCLAIMER: yes, I know, we should have had a generator. We’ll be rectifying that soon.

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