Black powder guns for sale!

Posting this list for a friend of mine. All listed prices are negotiable. She will be watching this post, so please feel free to ask questions. If you prefer a more direct line of communication, please email me and I’ll get you in touch with her. My email is falnfenix AT gmail DOT com.

Anyway, on with the list!

CVS, Kentucky, Flintlock .45 — $200
Euroarms Brescia, Kentucky, Percussion .45 — $380
Ranson Italia, Zouave, Percussion .58 — $380 – SOLD
Pistol, Tower, Flintlock .58 — $138 – SOLD
Thompson/Center, Hawkin, Percussion .45 — $260

She’s also selling two .22 bolt action rifles:

Winchester, 67 — $170
Springfield, 82 – $155

Pictures and serial numbers are available upon request. All are located in Maryland.

*Since the legality of this has come into question by the resident blog troll, whose name I won’t bother mentioning, these are legal to sell. Black powder firearms are legal to purchase online without a background check, and in Maryland, the personal sale of long arms without a background check is perfectly legal. My friend would not deliberately break the law, and neither would I.

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