This is all I have to say about this year’s election.

I don’t like any of the ones who will get even close to being in the election in November. All of them are polarizing. None of them really have the people in mind, and none of them warrant my vote.

I’m more moderate than most of you, though. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are extremely important, but so is ensuring all citizens have the SAME rights. This includes gay marriage and abortion. Women and members of the LGBT community are people, too, as much as conservatives seem to insist we aren’t. Since the government refuses to get the hell out of our lives, we have to find ways around it…including ensuring rights for all citizens.

This is going to make me a rather unpopular person amongst those of you who are more conservative-leaning. And frankly, I’m done biting my tongue about it. Say whatever you will, I really don’t care.

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