Shotgun + shoulder = I’m a weenie

Now that the weather’s nice, the club Chris joined last year has regular events during the week. One of those events is a shotgun clinic for newbies to learn to shoot trap.  It’s free and is held by a couple of guys who really know their stuff when it comes to shotguns.  I’ve been anticipating this for weeks, now.

I went last night. And I learned. Oh, I learned.

  • Wardrobe choice is critical.  No more “normal” bras when shooting a shotgun or rifle.  Sports bra from now on.  I had an indent in my shoulder the rest of the night from that dang bra strap
    • I need to remember to grab my shoulder pad the next time I go.  I may also swap out the stock butt pad for a gel one.
  • Must invest in good ear plugs, possibly a pair of custom-fit jobbies.  The butt of the gun kept knocking my muffs off my head.  Anyone have any suggestions for AFFORDABLE but worthwhile ones?  I really, really hate the squishy foam things…not only are they uncomfortable, but they tend to fall out of my ears after about 20 minutes.
  • Need to get back to lifting weights.  I could handle the shotgun better than I expected, thanks to a few months of lifting, but I need more work.  My arms are still tired.
  • I need to stop flinching, anticipating, and closing my eyes.  Can’t hit jack with my eyes closed!  This will be remedied with time on the range, I think.
  • I need to learn to move my body with the shotgun, rather than just moving my arms.  I apparently tensed my whole body up and failed at follow-through.
  • Need to swap out the cheekpad on the stock.  I think the shorter pad will help me get a better sight picture.  The tall one doesn’t help me in the slightest.
  • I discovered I had the wrong choke in the shotgun last night…after I got home.  Heh, oops.  This has been remedied.
I didn’t hit a dang thing, but I plan on going back in 2 weeks, hopefully better prepared.
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